About the Group

The High Sierra Field Day Group has been conducting Field Day exercises in the Sierras since 1976.

Field Day is a weekend in June when the Amateur Radio community takes to the field and sets up their equipment for what is essentially an emergency preparedness practice drill. It is training, adventure, a test of equipment and skills, and a fun weekend. This group has had a good Field Day turnout every year. Over the years we have developed two major software packages to facilitate keeping the contact database. We have developed several different systems for getting antennas over a hundred feet off the ground in the tall firs and redwoods. We have developed generator fuel feed systems to keep power on continuously for the 27 hour contest period. We have tried many antennas, radios, matching systems, feedlines, baluns, and have gained a lot of experience and met many good friends. 

Field Day is an operating event of the American Radio Relay League.

This group has been (somewhat) organized by Alan WB6ZQZ since the start. So far, Alan has not missed a single HSFDG FD!

Field Day occurs the fourth full weekend each June (weekend of the fourth saturday).