Field Day 2017

We’ve been so busy lately that Field Day almost snuck up on us this year. But we’re planning, getting organized, packing, and almost ready to depart for this trip. We made a run up the hill and verified this year’s late snows are not going to block us from the site (though road repairs and repaving will change our route and introduce delays). There are lots of fallen branches (some of them larger than a tree!), and road erosion on the site access road, and there’s even some snow left, but we have a plan to get through. Bring a shovel and saw!

We have 15 folks on the roster, and we’re planning to have a great ARRL Field Day 2017!

We have a number of excellent callsigns available to use, so I can’t predict which one will be chosen. In any case we’ll look for YOU on the airwaves!

Have a Great Field Day!

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Pacificon 2016

Pacificon is coming soon. We’ll be there, at the flea market, and occasionally at the Wife’s jewelry booth or the Buddipole booth. Come by and say hi!

— Alan, W6AKB

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2016 Field Day

Last weekend was the ARRL’s annual “Field Day”, we took our radios, antennas, camping gear and antenna launchers to the hills and enjoyed the weather and fellowship of old and new friends.

The band conditions weren’t great, but our 40 meter station, Quad Zepp antenna and operator racked up an impressive score nonetheless. 20 meters with a tribander was also busy, but the contacts came harder.

Hope you also had a great Field Day!

— Alan, W6AKB

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Field Day 2015

Here we are, almost to Field Day 2015. This is a busy year and it has been difficult to prepare and do everything else that must be done, but we are doing it. We have shipped a lot of Antenna Launchers, and now we’re packing for our own Field Day camping trip.

Hope to see you on the air!

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Field Day 2014

This post is a bit late, as Field Day 2014 was over a month ago. We just put our scores into the ARRL database. Propagation was good. The only problem we suffered this year was some participant cancellations over concerns about dust at the site. We were sharing the camping site with a construction project, but they were very helpful and there was no problem from them or their use of the site.

Hope you had a great Field Day too.

The new FDLog GPS USB Clock worked well, keeping our clocks synchronized more accurately than the old GPS setup which no longer works well due to Microsoft’s policy changes about time setting by programs.

The FDLog GPS USB Clock interpolates time from GPS satellites to the millisecond and reports it to the FDLog software when queried. FDLog has been updated to use this more accurate time and more aggressively set the time in the synchronized FDLog programs. It does not set system time, but it does keep track of the offset in the database so rebooting/restarting nodes come back on-time. 🙂

73, Alan, W6AKB

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