Logging Program

Alan W6AKB (formerly WB6ZQZ) has written a Logging program that is optimized for use on Field Day. It maintains a synchronized database and sense of time in each logging computer via the WiFi network and coordinates the station band changes and the number of active transmitters. A GPS Clock is used to synchronize the software time with GMT. The software is available for no charge and has its own web page linked below. There is also a mailing list and a discussion forum for FDLog.

FDLog is written in Python and runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. It has run on Solaris as well though it has not been tested there in some time.

Members of the HSFDG should download and install Python (latest stable 2.7 release), and the FDLog program prior to our FD meeting or Field Day. We will be testing/debugging at the meeting and on Friday evening at Field Day. There is an online TCP/IP mode so we can do testing and familiarization in the weeks prior to FD as well.

Visit the FDLog Web Page