Group Members

A list of High Sierra Field Day Group members:

(in alphabetical by call suffix order)

  • Alan W6AKB (formerly WB6ZQZ) (email w6akb at (website)
  • Oliver KB6BA
  • Brad N6BDE
  • Eric WD6CMU
  • Tom KQ6DV
  • Rich WA6FXP
  • Harry K6HS
  • Weo WN6I
  • Dawn KB6LHP
  • Chris KG6LXL
  • Judy KF6MBH (sk)
  • Mike K3MC
  • Ken WB6MLC (sk)
  • Rick WA6NHC
  • Frank N6OI (formerly WB6MRQ)
  • Kit WA6PWW
  • Steve WF6R
  • Peter VE7REZ
  • Steve KA6S
  • Cal K6VT (formerly KA6BOI)
  • Glenn WB6W
  • Mike WA6ZTY

(Members, drop me a line if you want to include web links and/or mail links as well, or if you want a mail forwarding address from

(sk) denotes silent key, the ham radio term for those no longer with us.