Field Day 2014 is almost here!

Time zooms by when you’re busy having fun. Hopefully we will have a good Field Day this year. With fire danger, and construction in the Sierras we may have some special excitement. Hope to see you on the air!

— AlanB, w6akb

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Field Day 2013

Has it been a year already? Last year’s Field Day flew by so fast we didn’t even make a blog entry here! But we did have a nice Field Day, even though another group used our site so we went to a backup site.

Well, the velocity of time is still (apparently) increasing, but we are preparing for Field Day again. The FDLog software is being updated (more on the FDLog website).

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Update July 2011

Overdue for a new posting here. Field Day 2011 was a good one, though we had some problems. The snow levels precluded using our usual site, so we went further south at lower elevation. This caused some group members to drop out due to the extra commuting distance and time, and we had a small group this year already, so that made it smaller.

The website has been upgraded after some files were damaged.

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After FD 2010

We are back from Field Day 2010. We had a good time and about 15 people participated in our FD group event. We put up Mike’s quadruple extended zepp again and it rocked on 40 and 80 meters. Eric brought out his new trailer. Frank did digital mode this year and learned a great deal. Robert was able to snag a couple of satellite Q’s. My Spiderbeam took awhile to reassemble but worked well on 20 and 15. Cal ran a HiQ tuna Dipole. Rigs included a pair of IC 756 Pro III’s, FT 100, TS 480, IC 706, a couple of K3’s, IC 7000, FT 857, SDR 3000 and a few I didn’t list. We had limited internet access via Frank’s EDGE AT&T Junxion box wireless hotspot. FDLog handled the logging with many laptops operating synchronized via wireless. Power came from various batteries and mostly Honda generators including 650, 1000, 2000 and 3000. The Honda EU3000is was amazingly easy to pull start (the battery was dead).

Field Day is about testing equipment and we tested more than ever before. This included radios, generators, batteries, power supplies, and Antenna Launchers. Franks newly contructed old kit worked well, as did the regulars including Eric’s soda bottle chamber linear and my CSV17. I tested a new prototype piston valve 17 inch launcher that has great performance.

Prototype PV17 Launcher at FD 2010

Photo by Dave Bermann W6PS

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Field Day 2010

Radiofest has come and gone, and folks are preparing for the trip to Dayton . It is also time to start thinking about Field Day for 2010. Get any new gear well beforehand and check it out. Update the firmware. Find the manual and the spare fuses. Check the generator. Just a couple of months to go. Pick out a new antenna to try. Build a Pneumatic Antenna Launcher. (Or assemble that kit you bought some time ago…). The new kits are easier to assemble and new instructions are on the web now.

Hopefully the sunspots will return and we’ll have some good propagation. Right now the bands are a bit flat.

The Field Day Logging software has a new website. There is a suggestion form for user suggestions, and a new discussion forum.

— Alan, wb6zqz

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