Field Day 2017

We’ve been so busy lately that Field Day almost snuck up on us this year. But we’re planning, getting organized, packing, and almost ready to depart for this trip. We made a run up the hill and verified this year’s late snows are not going to block us from the site (though road repairs and repaving will change our route and introduce delays). There are lots of fallen branches (some of them larger than a tree!), and road erosion on the site access road, and there’s even some snow left, but we have a plan to get through. Bring a shovel and saw!

We have 15 folks on the roster, and we’re planning to have a great ARRL Field Day 2017!

We have a number of excellent callsigns available to use, so I can’t predict which one will be chosen. In any case we’ll look for YOU on the airwaves!

Have a Great Field Day!

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